A House That Gets To The Point

From the outside it looks as jagged as the rocky surroundings it has placed itself in, but this mansion in Canada invites you in from the chaotic exterior to a modern interior that is flawless from top to bottom.

Almost the entire property is trying to make you feel accustomed to being in natural surroundings with unspoilt views of the forest from every angle. The open living space has all the markings you’d expect to find in a modern home. Clean surfaces, bright areas and touches of warmth sprinkled throughout. Sit in the main living room and you’ll see the focus is directly upon the view and not the fireplace.

The house is trying to be as pristine as the air outside and that’s why even the breakfast bar is strategically facing the water outside.

Perhaps the starkest view comes from the shower. It’s possibly the most private and open space all at once. All four sides are completely glass and you can see nothing but trees while standing inside.