Excel In Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a well known city. It’s obviously Scotland’s capital, it has a lot of art history and it of course, has the festival in August every year. Lets find out what else there’s to do in this historic city.

Probably the most striking and well known attractions in Edinburgh is of course, Edinburgh Castle. Sitting on top of the cities extinct volcano, looking up at the attraction from below constantly reminds you of how historic Edinburgh actually is. If you’re booking a tour, book it with a historical actor as you feel it much better when the likes of Robert the Bruce is taking you round the cold walls.

Edinburgh is one of few cities that can say they have a volcano. The city has two in two miles – beat that! Visible from most of the city centre, it rises out of the grass of Holyrood Park, it’s easy to hike as at its tallest, its just 250 metres high. Expect women to come here on May Day to wash their face in the dew “to make them beautiful.”

Situated behind Edinburgh University’s campus, lies the leafy meadows of Edinburgh. During the summer months don’t be surprised to see many students and workers at lunch taking time out to catch some sun on the soft grass. A change of pace from the old town, it connects the city centre with the more relaxed southside with lots of bars and deli’s near by.

Edinburgh is a great place to come with many hotels near Edinburgh city centre to choose from. Take a few days out here as its definitely worth exploring.