Feeling Apre Ski In This Party Chalet

Those with a taste for the finer things in life would know a thing or two about chalet life. Just take a look at this absolutely phenomenal ski chalet in the French Alps. It’s the epitome of high living in a house that can look after 14 people who’ve just spent a day on the slopes.

The bedrooms are anything but minimal. Each is richly decorated with warm colours and fabrics in a mixture of hunter and decadent that manages to avoid seeming garish.

You wouldn’t be spending too much time in bed though when you have your own ice themed bar complete with mini stalactite lampshades. There’s a lounge that has an open pit fire that you could easily fit a tree in.

A separate dining area has a table that the whole family can fit around and load up calories at before spending the stay stuck to some skis.

And for those days when you don’t feel like facing the cold outside, there’s a three fridge cellar you can keep at least a few hundred bottles of your favourite wine in.







Recently a lot of skiing hotels have embraced the chalet lifestyle which is so closely related to skiing. They are doing this by making the surroundings wooden, this gives off a more natural and authentic image to the visitors of the hotel.

This is obvious with 2017 mark warner ski holidays who have release pictures on their website which shows their new style of mixing the chalet style with the loveliness of a luxury hotel, take the photo below for example.

Personally, we think that going for this best of both worlds approach is the way forward, you have all the look and feel of a chalet, but with the support of a hotel. Meaning you always have back up if something goes wrong- whilst also gaining a sense of community from your fellow holiday goers. Although this might not be for everyone, skiing resorts are notorious for after hours activity and socially vibrancy. So it’s always great to have people around you that you have the chance of meeting and getting to know better.