Get The London Look For The Right Price

Walk inside and you’ll double take in to thinking you’ve stepped in to American grandeur but this mansion is located in the heart of London.

A rather over the top entrance gives way to rooms that you’d expect to find not in a residence but a five star hotel. There are bedrooms with four-poster beds and sheets with a thread count in the hundreds. You’ll be making sure to wipe your shoes on the welcome mat before taking any steps.

Its possibly because the place is painted in the muted beige you’d find in a hotel, but you get a sense that you can’t touch anything when you walk in to a room. The house was originally fitted like a turn of the century London home but has received a makeover in the millions.

The sparkle of tiles and fittings in the bathroom are the kind of small touches that make you think it mustn’t be allowed to ever get dirty. Just look as how well maintained the ‘his and hers’ bathroom is with not only two chests of drawers but a glass cabinet you’d expect to see the best China being kept in.







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