Going Loco In A Brazilian Penthouse

There’s an easy way to know when someone has possibly more sense than money and this penthouse apartment in Brazil certainly showcases it.

If there were a theme present here it would probably be excess. Just look at the living room. You have a supposed ancient statue, a dragon on the table on top of fashion books, a cheetah rug on top of a rug and two pinks tables; one of which has a model of a horse pulling a cart.

Right by it is a clear top dining table and bar area almost uncomfortably close to each other with a piece of art that aims to be controversial. In the bathroom they take the mini frame idea in to overdrive with at least fifteen mirrors above the fridge, and just one by the side to check your profile and find your good side.

The carat theme is definitely alive with gold painted doors and mirror frames with a porcelain jaguar awaiting your entrance.The weirdest contrast perhaps occurs in the kitchen where everything is completely subdued and looks like a regular contemporary home.

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