Living Grand Down Under

One of the difficulties a person can face then they live in a mansion is trying to find a way of making it feel homely when its so large. This home in Australia is trying to achieve this hard goal by making sure every space feels as homely as possible.

Any contemporary home would usually flood the space with nothing but white and minimal looking furniture. Here that idea has been put to the wayside and character has been allowed to make an introduction. In the living area a sunken settee aims for intimacy amongst a short table for a suitably communal effect.

The usual elegant dining area is instead furnished with differing textiles and designs that get off the vibe that everything was just thrown together. An outer dining area even has a mini lounge with weaved chairs on a rug.

You’ll find this idea really hits home in the bathroom where wood panels and tiles divide the space in a functional manor that allows light to work in different ways.

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