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The Best Places to Live & Work in Asia

The continent of Asia is a major destination for everything from genuine culture and unique architecture to big business and entrepreneurial startups. These qualities, plus many more, are why so many people choose to live and work in Asia.

If you’re thinking of moving into, or around, the countries within the Asian continent, there is plenty waiting for you in terms of enjoyment and discovery, as well as opportunities for career change and advancement. Countries like Japan, Hong Kong, and South Korea are the rising stars of business and quality-of-life in the world and we’re going to take a look at some of the best places in Asia to live and work well.

Hong Kong, Territory of China

Hong Kong

The island of Hong Kong, a largely autonomous territory of China, is well-known for its impressive skyscrapers and is an internationally dominant economic power in many ways. Boasting one of the most competitive and fastest growing economies in the world, it is no wonder that a number of companies have made Hong Kong the centre of private equity in Asia or asian mobile technology. When it comes to finding a fast-paced career role in Asia, Hong Kong is one of the places which will offer all the opportunities you could hope for.

In terms of everyday living, Hong Kong offers a terrific level of quality-of-life and is known to have the longest life expectancy in the world. If you plan on living there, you can expect to live a long and happy life, statistically speaking of course. Hong Kong is a prime example of contemporary and modern architecture and is often said to have the world’s most impressive skyline. There’s no doubt that Hong Kong would appear as one of the best places to work and live in within Asia.

Tokyo, Japan


Japan’s modern capital of Tokyo is known all around the world for its iconic buildings and image as well as being the top technology hub of Asia. As one of the most developed areas within the Asian continent, living in the city offers a chance to enjoy a life where everything is nearby and access to all manner of career opportunities is abundant. Tokyo is known for its technology and gaming giants like Nintendo and Sony, so if you’re looking for career prospects in these fields, Tokyo is the place to be.

Unlike the architecture found in Hong Kong, Tokyo offers a diverse range of both old traditional Japanese structures amidst tall skyscrapers and modern buildings. If you decide to live and work in Tokyo one day, you could be walking past modern buildings just a few years old one minute and then walking by a monument that is hundreds of years old the next. This aspect gives Japan’s metropolis a magical touch that you won’t quite find anywhere else.

Seoul, South Korea


The city of Seoul in South Korea hosts a long and winding range of history and culture that dates back over 2,000 years! With that in mind, you can imagine that the area has plenty to offer those who wish to live and work in somewhere special. Boasting the second highest quality of living, according to Arcadis, Seoul is truly a first-rate and well-developed city in Asia.

What really sets Seoul apart from other cities in Asia is the technology serving the public in the form of fast subways and railways as well as public Wi-Fi in many locations. There are also a number of impressive feats the city has on display, such as having the biggest underground mall for shopping and the largest public cinema screen in the entire world.

Seoul, like both Tokyo and Hong Kong, provides numerous opportunities to advance in your chosen career field, especially if this happens to be in technology, legal services, or infrastructure development. Companies such as Hyundai and LG, and more from the Fortune 500 list, have a dedicated headquarters in the city, which should put forward just how well the city has developed in regards to business achievements.

Where Will You Go Next in Asia?

Whether you decide to live and work somewhere in the continent of Asia or whether you just intend to visit and soak up the culture, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Seoul should definitely make an appearance on your itinerary.