The Low Down On Laser Lipo

There’s different reasons people decide to look at cosmetic procedures. It can be as simple as increasing their confidence or improving their quality of life. A new procedure that is becoming increasingly popular is Laser Lipo. Let’s find out all the facts about Laser Lipo, how it works and where in London you can it can get it done.

Laser Lipo is similar to the traditional liposuction treatment. It uses a laser energy to turn fat into liquid that is transferred from the body via a tube called the cannula. This is an easier method in removing the fat, making it less stressful for the patient as its less invasive. Patients usually see a quicker recovery time compared to other traditional methods of liposuction. For areas of thin fat around the face for example, the cannula tube probably won’t be used at all. Once the fat is turned into liquid from the laser energy, it will be absorbed and then completely removed by the body. Laser Lipo isn’t an alternative to exercise or eating well, its purpose is to reduce fat that hasn’t been reduced by exercise.

There are many Liposuction London clinics in the city to choose from. Ones that perform Laser Lipo as well as other cosmetic treatments.

This includes the Private Clinic of Harley Street. They have been pioneering cosmetic treatments since 1983.

Another fantastic London clinic to consider is the Pro Skin Clinic at Harley Street.

Laser Lipo is a procedure that’s improving in popularity all the time so this could be the solution for you when you’re finding it difficult to remove awkward parts of fat on the body.